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We retrospectively reviewed the hospital’s infection rate database for all procedures from July 2005 until February 2011 performed by one general orthopedic surgeon (PAW) within one hospital system.

From July 1st, 2005 through December 31st, 2008, the SSI rates were 1.0% (13/1292). The Steiros Algorithm® instituted From January 1st, 2009 through February 31st, 2011, the SSI rates were zero (0/875).

The SSI rates decreased 100% (P=0.0026).              (Overview)

Methods: A retrospective, pre-post interventional study design was used.
Results: The MRSA rates decreased by 96% from 3.04 per 1000 PD to 0.11 per 1000 PD (P<0.0001). This reduction in MRSA infections avoided an estimated $1,655,143 in healthcare costs

CNN News: Unsung Heroes Work Hard to Cut Hospital-Acquired Infections

July 2009
For years, Alfonso Torress-Cook followed the rules in his quest to eliminate hospital-acquired infections. “I never saw anything change. I saw things getting worse,” Torress-Cook said. Torress-Cook joined Pacific Hospital of Long Beach, in California, where as director of epidemiology and patient safety, he changed the rules and slashed the number of patients who become infected. Torress-Cook is part of a growing movement in medicine that no longer accepts hospital-acquired infections as inevitable complications.

Fox News: Local Doctor Finds New Ways to Prevent Hospital-Acquired Infections

August 2008
When people go to the hospital, they are not supposed to get more sick while there. But in a very disturbing trend, more and more patients are picking up stubborn, dangerous infections while in the hospital. Now one doctor is fighting back using a common-sense plan of attack, and drugs have nothing to do with it. Christine Devine has the story in this video report.

These products, when used in conjunction with the Steiros Algorithm ® ( have been clinically proven to reduce hospital / institutional acquired infections by up to 90%; including those caused by multi-drug resistance micro-organisms (MRSA and VRE). Steiros Algorithm ® can now be implemented in the workplace, on oil rigs, boats/ships, nursing homes, sports arenas/locker rooms, schools, hotels, food service, homes, and any other places that may have an infection.

Steiros’ environmental cleaning algorithm combines epidemiological and environmental principles, cutting-edge technology and standard laboratory practices to markedly decrease infections and reduce the financial burden on the hospitals.

* Implementation of the Steiros Algorithm ® * will automatically bring you into 2010 Joint Commission (JC) or DNV Compliance.

July 27, 2008
EMMY AWARD winning Fox11 News report on the disturbing trend of more and more patients picking up dangerous ‘Superbug’ infections while in the hospital. Such was the case with Flesh-eating Disease Survivor Alicia Cole. Now Dr. Alfonso Torres Cook is fighting back against infections using a common-sense plan of attack. More hospitals should follow his lead.